What’s my Bike?

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– This is the most common question I’m asked.

Up to now I’ve never advertised a service for identifying other people’s bicycles. Researching bicycles is extremely time-consuming. It requires examining hundreds of old magazines and sales catalogues. There were over 15,000 manufacturers and minimal information exists about the majority of them, so there’s rarely a positive result …plus I already have my own unidentified bikes to research and no time to do it. But people still email me asking the same question.

I still don’t have time to identify your bike. And I have very little interest in post-WW2 bikes. But if it’s an earlier interesting unrestored mystery bike that retains its original parts, I’ll feature it on these pages so other folks can look at it. Maybe eventually someone will recognise it?

Here’s one of my own turn-of-the-century mystery bikes as an example of the minimum quality of photography required if you want to take advantage of this service. Please send focussed photos that include good shots of each side profile, handlebars, front forks, brakes, chainwheel, bottom bracket, frame number. Any of these parts might provide a clue. (If you can not focus a camera to provide clear photos – or if the bike does not have original parts – please do not contact me).

Please send your photos and any helpful info to me at:


And if you recognise my own mystery bike, please let me know!